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Every vote matters because elections have consequences!

Many local elections have only one candidate. The local elections of Nov. 2023 for Clarkson Supervisor, Town Clerk, and Town Council were all run by unopposed Republican candidates, who each received between 830 and 1000 votes. In Clarkson, as of 10/21/22, there are 4722 voters of which 1141 are registered as Democrats and 1927 as Republicans. If all registered Clarkson Democrats had voted, change in Town Government could have been invoked. For that to happen, opposing candidates are needed in the next Clarkson election cycle. The message is clear, become involved in your town and participate in elections. If you don’t, then you forsake your right to complain.

Why Vote Democrat?

Supporting union for fair wages

Fair taxes

Building the nation’s infrastructure

Women’s autonomy over their own body

Reforming Immigration system

First-class education to everyone

Reducing gun violence

Freedom of press

Fighting against book bans

Freedom of self- expression

Supporting Democratic Ukraine

Want to find out facts for yourself?

Bill Of Rights

The NYS Constitution

Who Represents you?

How would Jesus Vote in 2024?

Also, how would Jesus vote in 2024?

Want to know who presently represents you and what office is up for election?

How to run for office

Take the Step: Join Our Movement for Democracy and Make an Impact for Generations to Come!

Clarkson Voices of Praise

Experienced and compassionate President Biden’s has made him an outstanding crisis manager. His policies made US recover from the pandemic the best in the world. He quickly resolved with the help of labor unions the supply chain crisis. He quickly united NATO countries in support of Ukraine. The right man in charge in these challenging times!

Markus Hoffmann

Their dedication to healthcare for all changed my familyʼs life. We are so grateful for the support!


Thanks to their education policies, my kids have better schools. Iʼm excited for what the future holds!