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Suffrage is the pivotal right

Susan B. Anthony

Voter Registration Information

Election Day: Tuesday, November 5, 2024

See below who is representing you. Underlined offices are up for election in 2024 Elections

Who represents you, a citizen of the Town of Clarkson (as of Feb. 25, 2024)?

1. Town-level: Town of Clarkson

Town Supervisor: Ursula Liotta

Deputy Town Supervisor: John Culhane

Town board members: Nick D’Amuro, Sharon Mattison, Evan Wexler

2. County-level

County Executive: Adam Bello

County Court Judge: Michael Dollinger, Caroline Edwards-Morrison, Julie Hahn,
Douglas Randall, Karen Bailey Turner, Meredith Vacca

Surrogate Court Judge: Christopher Ciaccio

Family Court Judge: Maria Cubililos-Reed, Kristine Demo-Vazquez,
Deral Givens, Alecia Mazzo, Joseph Nesser, Fatimat Eid, Stacey Romeo

County Clerk: Jamie Romeo

Sheriff: Todd Baxter

District Attorney: Sandra Doorley

County Legislator 2nd District: Jackie Smith

3. State-level

Governor: Kathy Hochul

Lieutenant Governor: Antonio Delgado

Comptroller: Thomas DiNapoli

Attorney General: Letitia James

State Supreme Court Justice: – 7th Judicial District: Victoria Argento,
Elena Cariola, Jason Cook, Vincent Dinolfo, Gail Donofrio, Craig Doran, Daniel
Doyle, John Gallagher, Stephen Lindley, Thomas Moran, Kevin Nasca, Alex Renzi,
Charles Schiano, Judith Sinclair, Nancy Smith William Taylor, Sam Valleriani,
James Vazzana, Joe Waldorf, Jim Walsh

State Senator: – 62nd District: Robert Ortt

Member of Assembly: – 139th District: Stephen Hawley

4. Federal level

President: Joseph Biden

Vice-President: Kamala Harris

US Senate: Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand

US Congress, 25th District: Joseph Morelle