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Thought Provoking Videos

Why Republican Business Men should thank Democratic Government.

Video by North Carolina’s US Senate candidate Katrina Christiansen makes it clear what harm corporate greed causes to rural America.

John Stewart explains failures in US.

Ukraine update on March 20, 2024, including how Ukraine is suffering because of inaction in the US House of Representatives and how many Americans are not educated about this issue.

How Russia keeps influencing US selections.

Former Trump cultist shares how she got out of the cult.

Never heard of Jessica Denson? Watch this video to understand why you should have.

What are really the threats for stealing elections in the US?

AOC shows how easy it is that “a bad guy” could be in office.

Germany: Low Crime, Clean Prisons, Lessons for America | Jeff Rosen | TEDxMountainViewHighSchool

Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show Throwback

Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.

Legal voting rights battles in the US, summarized by Mark Elias, late fall of 2023

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